Muller Verweyen LOC290

Müller Verweyen offers qualified and cost-sensitive legal advice and representation in Intellectual Property matters.


Application, registration and defense of German, European and International IP rights, in particular patents and utility models for protecting technical innovations and inventions; trademarks; and design rights.

Prosecution of infringers of IP rights, pre-trial enforcement of IP rights, legal actions.

Searching for and advising on competitors' IP rights, analysis of IP rights situation, infringement opinions. Support in the design of work-around solutions.

Representation in opposition, cancellation and  nullification proceedings; pre-trial and on-trial defense against claims based on adversarial IP rights.

Legal processing of employees' inventions for corporations, including establishment of and consultancy on systems for lump-sum remuneration of employees and purchase of employees' rights.

Elaborating, and advising on, license agreements, use and know-how agreements. Support in conducting license negotiations.

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